A beautiful garden is a delight. Even if it is a manageable green space behind the house and consists almost entirely of a square lawn. Lined with a little planting, this can become the only feast for the eyes. Sixty to seventy square meters are enough to set up a small oasis of relaxation that will give you joy all year round. From the terrace you can watch the plants develop. Maybe start a rose bush with wild roses and plant a blue lilac bush in the back corner. A cherry or apple tree in the middle would round off the whole thing wonderfully.

But of course there is a small catch: the native flora and fauna generally requires a certain amount of care. Even a wild garden that has been laid out according to the natural garden concept needs a little horticultural attention from time to time. And that’s exactly what the spirits are arguing about. For some, gardening in general is pure horror. However, what many people don’t know is that gardening can be pure meditation with the right equipment and competent guidance. Finally, there are companies like Toolster that provide you with everything you need.

Toolster offers solid basic equipment for all kinds of garden work

STIHL is probably the best-known brand for garden tools. The name stands for first-class quality and exemplary service worldwide. The manufacturer’s devices are very popular with both private users and professionals. Toolster is regarded as a competent partner when it comes to equipment for gardening and forestry work in Switzerland. 

On the website of the brand dealer you will find a good overview of the entire product range of STIHL garden machines and tools as well as useful information and application tips. There is a comprehensive range of hand tools, large devices and garden machines together with the corresponding accessories and tools. The entire need for garden tools is covered: whether for frequent work such as mowing the lawn, regular trimming of shrubs and hedges, the occasional pruning of trees or fruit harvesting.

Swiss tradition: standard trees – tree culture worthy of protection

There is no question that Switzerland is a true natural paradise with a diverse cultural landscape. And as in many other places, the topic of renaturation and species protection is one that is much discussed in this country. But there are already concrete plans that are being worked on meticulously. A great deal of attention is paid, for example, to the protection of alpine pastures and meadows, as these serve as a natural habitat for countless animals and insects. The stock of standard trees in rural areas is extremely important. 

Hochstamm Suisse – because every tree counts

An interesting initiative is the Hochstamm Suisse association, which is very committed to the preservation and reforestation of the standard orchards. The association designation Hochstamm Suisse also acts as a seal of quality with which the participating fruit growers and their organic fruit products are distinguished. In addition, tree sponsorships are awarded – a campaign in which everyone can take part. The association takes care of the planting including care and protection of a new standard fruit tree. This means that everyone can make an active contribution to promoting biodiversity. Many people dream of having their own fruit tree in their garden.And those who have the appropriate space are also making the right move with their own little orchard.